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Ways to link

It's easy. We have six simple ways for you to link to us and start earning referral fees. We'll supply everything you need to get started as soon as you sign up. Pick one way to link or several. And there's no limit to how many links you can create, or how many pages you put them on. It's your choice.
(We'll show you how to setup those links immediately after you join.)

1. Link to our 1800Parts homepages.

It could be as simple as our name: 1800Parts.com. But including this link in a descriptive sentence or paragraph will increase sales. Here's an example:
Want to buy small appliances, and parts for those appliances? Try 1800Parts. They have many appliances and genuine replacement parts to choose from, and you can order online.
For even better results, combine your text links with our graphics (see #2 below).
2. Create links with our logos, buttons, banners and pictures.

We created a whole library of professional graphics that will look great on your site and help you sell. Click logos & buttons, Banners

3. Add a search box.

People love web sites with search boxes. They're fun and a great way for your visitors to find what they want. Here's a search box that's easy to set up on any site (we'll show you how):

4. Link to an appliance or part.

This is a great way to give your visitors a list of appliances they want without using much space on their site. For example, a single link keyed to the search words "coffee" and "filters" would send your visitors to our page listing many filters. Try this link to see how it works for the Coffee Filter.
5. Link to a specific appliance or genuine replacement part.

This is the best way to match the interests of visitors to your site. And with our huge selection, you're sure to find appliances that fit just right. Promote one item or a hundred. Your choice. You could build a whole store on your site... and it's easy. You add images (we provide them) and your descriptions. Clicking images or links takes your visitors to our pages featuring the products you pick.